Lost Lake & The Broken Bridge

by Dependence



released November 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Dependence Fresno, California

California-based post hardcore

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Track Name: Lost Lake Pt. 1
No longer on the bar stool,
But still intoxicated,
Still living within a haze,
He's not sure what is real anymore,
What happened in reality, what happened in a daze
He's not sure what is real anymore,
and So the bottle is where he stays

Anthony is digging his hole deeper and deeper,
Trying to block out what he did,
As if the drink and the drugs could steeper,
Or as if her body, he kept hid,
Well at least, he thought he did
Well at least He thought he kept her body hid,
at least he thought he did

Rumors and whispers start to spread,
It's just a matter of time before someone realizes
That she is dead,

At this rate,
he isnt thinking straight,
He is in denial, too much Drink to his head,
Too many needles to his arm,
Too many whores to his bed,
and It's too late now, for him to even take alarm,
He doesn't realize that it's wrong
He doesn't see the harm,
That his brain and his friends are gone

They say Lost Lake is haunted,
Or maybe it's just cursed,
To plague the minds of the guilty,
For what they have or haven't done,
But it's alright, its okay, But it's alright, he's got a gun

Hes walking the midnight shore,
He's breathing in the November air,
Some clouds in the sky, slight chance it'll pour,
But there's one thing for sure,
Soon he'll be no more,

It's 3 a.m., and he's hallucinating,
He's seeing things he knows cannot exist,
This is his last chance
And now he cannot resist,
He opens fire, on everything in sight
Every tormenting spirit,
And every bump in the night.

its too late now,
For what has been coming for him,

There's no other place for blame to fall,
But on him

He fled the accident as soon as he hit her,
He could of sworn she was dead,
He could of sworn he killed her

He lost his mind as soon as he hit her,
He could have sworn she was dead
He could have sworn he killed her

He never stuck around long enough,
He jumped the gun,
He couldn't bare to stay, it was too damn tough,

The first thing he thought to do was run,
Track Name: Lost Lake Pt. 2
Now back to lost lake,
Anthony has lost his mind,
It's obvious, that he has had all he could take,
But he's on a killing spree,
Hes bloodying Lost lake,
And he can't tell what's real, or what's fake,

Folks were coming out to see what was going on
what were the shoots all about,
where was the commotion even coming from?

They were cut down in a mans confusion,
In his sadness and in his fear.
And if you are quiet enough,
You might still be able to hear,

Them begging and crying, trying to make him see reason,
But the bloom of his mind, was far passed its own season,
The pain, the drugs, had all worked their magic,
And the result they made was far beyond tragic,

He saw no light, no clear silver lining,
he took their lives Within the strikes of the lightning,
He had no time in this blunder,
He blocked out the noise and
Just let the thunder,
Echo and echo,
Until he finally decided to put the gun to his temple,

He would be alright,
He would rejoin his wife,
He would be safe from the ghosts of the lake,
He would be safe from the spirits of the night,

and maybe this time he'd be able to get some sleep at night
Track Name: The Broken Bridge
Somewhere along the line,
the bridge broke.
The loss of connection,
and hope.

You can still see its remains,
And all its leftover damage.
One day everything became to much,
Too much to manage.

and It's a landmark,
that all can see,
That somewhere along the line,
the bridge broke.
Kinda like inside of me,

and it's a sight to see.
How something damaged,
Wrecked and ruined,
Can still be,
It's still beautiful to me

The same will be said about me.

and when the scars have sealed,
and The land has healed,
It'll just be a reminder
Of the storms of the past,
It'll be a monument proclaiming
That the pain doesn't last.

and when my scars have sealed
and my wounds have healed,
maybe, i'll be like the bridge

Broken, but beautiful
Track Name: Shallow Reflections
You came to sadness, and it didn't take much more than a
Drink in your hand and a needle in your arm,
To break you over the edge into madness,

But I don't look at you any different,
I would have done it all,
If I would have lost it all,

Even if it only came to me in my own depressed spell,
Lost lake and the broken bridge,
Anthony's hell,
They mean more to me than normal dreams,
They showed me that if I came to the point of suffering,
That I couldn't and wouldn't change anything,

but I don't look at you any different,
I would have done it all,
if I would have lost it all,

And if I looked in the water and i saw your reflection,
It wouldn't be far from my own,
Just with a pained expression,
And if you looked into the water, I have the impression,
That you'd see my face
I'd see my own face, just with a pained expression,
Track Name: The Well
Deep inside us all, there's a bottomless pit,
It's a well of emotion,
And a river runs through it
A current of experiences
That's levied by scars
That tell us how to react
They shows us who we are

and It goes on for miles,
From the depths of our beings,
From the core of us all
Its our everything

Its everything we hold dear
From the memories we cherish
To the things that we fear

And theres no difference between you and I
We all breathe the same air,
and see the same sky

We all have those times where we just want to give up and cry
We all have those times Where we just want to run, just want to hide

And theres no difference between one another
We are all the same in the end
We are all just looking for cover

And if i've learned anything,
It's that if I came to the point of suffering,
i know i would't change anything
And if you came to the point of suffering
You wouldn't change anything